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We have been involved with countless projects that include repairs, build-ups, and restorations over the years for magazine articles and other car enthusiasts. Here is where you can find some those projects and those who call on us when our expertise is needed.

The world famous Nuthercutt Collection in Sylmar, CA The Nuthercutt Collection

Jay Leno's collection. Also known as Big Dog's Garage

The restoration of the Blood Sweat and Nitro AA/FD in

The Long Trip Home...BankAmeriCar AA/FD Part 2 in We Did it For

Tom Seymour's 1965 Ford Ranchero "Reconstructed Ranchero," by Rich Boyd in Custom Classic Trucks Magazine October 2005 issue.

1962 Corvette Fuelie, the return of "Patti's Daily Driver," by Doug Marion in Super Chevy Magazine December 2007 issue.

SCE Gasket's Project Car; 1968 Camaro. Illustrated by Andrew Schear in Super Chevy Magazine February 2009 issue.

Hot Rod Engine Tech Hot Rod Engine Tech

Some of our freinds and those who we support.

Egge Machine Company visits our shop Egge Machine Company

The American Nostalgia Racing Association American Nostalgia Racing Association

The San Fernando Valley V-8s, Regional Group 40 of the The San Fernando Valley V-8s

Galpin Auto Sports Galpin Auto Sports

We support the Los Angeles Police Department's Racing Program

Germany's fastest Pro Mod, Maurichat Racing

"Fast" Jack Beckman, Go Fast Jack

Burr Motorsport from Springfield, TN Burr Motorsports

Classic Car Club of America, Southern California Region

Association of California Car Clubs; United for Survival

Over 450,000 photos of Dragsters - Funny Cars - Drag Boats - Nostalgia Events ; We Did It For Love

Hot Rod Engine Tech

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